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Therapyx, Inc. aims to revolutionize immune therapy to improve millions of lives using our proprietary EXStaM technology platform.  EXStaM allows efficient encapsulation of proteins while preserving their structural integrity and bioactivity, resulting in a shelf-stable commercial drug product. Other advantages include oral/mucosal delivery, sustained release, and reduced cost and toxicity. The company’s intellectual property is protected, in part, by US filings and patents, including licensed US patents 6,235,224 and 6,616,8697 “Process for preparing microparticles through phase inversion phenomena”; US patent 7,029,700 “Micronized freeze-dried particles”; US patent 9,827,319 “Combined therapy and prophylaxis for genital tract infections” and US patent application 15/503,891 “Compositions for stabilizing and delivering proteins”.

EXStaM technology uses biodegradable copolymers poly-lactic acid (PLA) and poly-(D,L-lactic-co-glycolic)-acid (PLGA) to construct highly specialized particles with protective properties that maintain the drug’s bioactivity and improve its shelf stability. Our initial experiments using this methodology led to the development of our two lead products, and both of these products have demonstrated efficacy in animal models of disease. Therapyx, Inc. aims to take these products into clinical trials as treatment for pancreatic cancer and genital tract infection. 

In addition to our lead products, we have a deep pipeline of novel drug candidates that regulate both innate and adaptive immune responses. The commercial potential of our products and the unique qualifications of our management team are evidenced by consistent NIH/SBIR support in excess of $15 million.

Therapyx, Inc. is actively seeking partners to license and commercialize its products. These are potentially blockbuster products with enormous potential for indication expansions that address serious, unmet medical needs and embrace attractive regulatory pathways to market. For more information, please contact Dominick L. Auci, Ph.D. MBA, Vice President for Research and Development at

Please click the below links to download in-depth, non-confidential presentations on our EXStaM platform and the products that utilize it:

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