Here at Therapyx we have developed EXStaM (patent pending), a unique process that is able to produce commercial grade sustained-release microparticulate protein therapeutics suitable for parenteral, oral, and mucosal delivery.

What Sets Our Technology Apart

EXStaM represents a breakthrough in encapsulation of biological macromolecules. Not only does this process allow the macromolecule to maintain full biological activity, but it consistently produces a stable drug product that sustains physiological levels of the active protein in the disease microenvironment. This is a unique accomplishment in our industry and provides significant advantages over competing biologics. We continue to use the EXStaM platform to expand our protein-based product pipeline in generating human-like therapeutics with selective and predictable activity.

Innovating Cost-Effective, Shelf-Stable Drug Products

Our products are cost-effective and remain stable for years. Because they deliver active proteins directly to the disease microenvironment, increased therapeutic efficacy is achieved with lower doses and significantly reduced systemic toxicities. Since our products are based on well-known, clinically proven therapeutic agents, the development process is already considerably de-risked.

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